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Three Phone Calls To Make After Getting In An Automobile Accident

It's never a good thing to get into an automobile accident. If it was a serious one, there is probably a good chance that you've suffered an injury of some kind. Not only do you have your car to think about, but you also need to think about your well-being. This often involves knowing who to contact after you've gotten into a car accident. Here are three phone calls t

Note These Potential Changes In Your Relationship With Your Boss After A Workplace Injury

When you hire an attorney and move forward with legal action against your employer because you were injured on the job, no detail is too small to pass along to your legal team. While your attorney and his or her investigators will have you painstakingly go over your injury, you'll also want to provide notes on any changes between you and the employer after the injury.

Why Nightshift Workers Face High Injury Risks

Employees who work night shifts face a higher risk of injuries than those who work day shifts. This also means that night shift workers are more likely to file workers compensation claim than day shift workers. Here are some of the reasons for the increased risk at night: Drowsiness This is one of the problems night-shift workers face on a regular basis; even those wh

4 Types Of Economic Damage You Can Pursue In A Personal Injury Lawsuit

The defining purpose of a personal injury lawsuit is based on the idea that you will receive monetary compensation for the damages that the defendant caused you. The two categories of damage are economic damage and non-economic damage. A lot of different types of expenses can fall under economic damage. #1 Medical Bills The most common type of damages that are recover

Wrongful Death Lawsuits: What To Know About Situations And Compensation

It can be tough going through the death of a loved one when someone else is responsible for it. Be aware that it may be best to hire a lawyer to help fight for you and receive compensation from the responsible party for what they did. Here's what you need to know about situations where a wrongful death can occur, as well as receiving compensation for them. Wrongful De