Sharing Info About Personal Attorney Injury Services

Sharing Info About Personal Attorney Injury Services

What Should You Do When You're A Pedestrian Hit By A Car?

Things are a little different, but not too much, when you're in a car accident as a pedestrian rather than a driver. Here are some things to know about the process.  Getting Insurance Information Always write down insurance information, even if you feel that you were not hurt. You don't always know that you're hurt. Adrenaline can do funny things to the body, and

Is Suing For Botched Cosmetic Surgery Challenging?

Cosmetic surgeons are not immune from facing medical malpractice lawsuits. However, you can face several challenges in winning your lawsuits. If you are planning to sue your cosmetic surgeon, here is what you need to know. What Are the Challenges? Most of the challenges you could face in your medical malpractice case involve the jury. Juries can sometimes have an unfa

3 Things That Can Cause A Semi-Truck Accident To Be More Serious

As you might already know, semi-truck accidents can be more serious than basic car accidents. There are actually some things that can make these accidents even more serious, however. These are a few factors that can make semi-truck accidents even more catastrophic. 1. Traveling at High Speeds When semi-trucks travel at higher speeds, it makes it that much more difficu

Rape: An Issue Of Nursing Home Neglect That Many Don't Realize Exists

When people think of "nursing home neglect" they usually think of things like bedsores and overmedication or the unnecessary use of restraints on a patient in order to make things more convenient for the nurses. They probably don't think that their elderly mother or father is at risk of being raped. Yet, that's exactly what is happening -- and it's far from an isolate

How Long Will A Car Settlement Take?

Being in limbo is never fun, especially when money is on the line. After you get into a car accident, you have to file a claim with the insurance company. It may feel like everything is out of your hands after you file your claim. In the worst case scenario, you might be knee deep in medical bills and unable to pay them until your settlement comes through. If your inj