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Three Phone Calls To Make After Getting In An Automobile Accident

It's never a good thing to get into an automobile accident. If it was a serious one, there is probably a good chance that you've suffered an injury of some kind. Not only do you have your car to think about, but you also need to think about your well-being. This often involves knowing who to contact after you've gotten into a car accident.

Here are three phone calls to make after getting in an automobile accident.

Your Car Insurance Company

No matter what kind of car accident you were involved in, and no matter whose fault it was, you need to contact your car insurance company. When contacting your insurance company you'll need:

In order to receive any benefits of your car insurance policy, you will need to submit an accident report to them. Some of the most common things car insurance companies pay for in the event of an accident include towing charges, medical expenses, and damages to the vehicles involved in the accident.

Your Local Car Accident Lawyer

There are times when your insurance company will deny your claim and you won't receive any coverage for damages or injuries. There are also instances where the insurance company refuses to cover your damages completely and won't pay all of your medical expenses. If you are in either of these situations, local car accident lawyers such as those at Steeg & Glista PC can help.

If you don't think you can fight the insurance companies on your own, you should definitely call a car accident lawyer. If the accident was not your fault and the other driver's insurance company won't pay anything, a car accident lawyer can help in this type of situation as well.

Your Chiropractor

Even if you were driving at a low speed when you got into your car accident, you might have still been injured. If you have sustained a serious injury, you may need to be brought to the emergency room after the accident. However, there are some injuries that aren't severe enough to warrant a trip to the ER or urgent care, but you will still want to call your chiropractor.

This is especially true if you received any of the following types of injuries:

A chiropractor effectively treats problems with the musculoskeletal system, and if something was knocked out of alignment during the car accident, a chiropractor can adjust your spine and help alleviate your pain.