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Why Nightshift Workers Face High Injury Risks

Employees who work night shifts face a higher risk of injuries than those who work day shifts. This also means that night shift workers are more likely to file workers compensation claim than day shift workers. Here are some of the reasons for the increased risk at night:


This is one of the problems night-shift workers face on a regular basis; even those who arrive at work alert and wide awake feel sleepy before their shift ends. One of the reasons for this is that most people are hard-wired to sleep at night and stay awake during the day; interrupting this cycle leads to sleepiness at night. Another reason for this is because most night-shift workers don't get as much sleep as their day-shift counterparts. One reason for this is because many night-shift workers don't sleep the whole day; they often engage in other activities. Unfortunately, drowsiness increases your risk of an accident by reducing your reaction time and making it difficult for you to spot dangerous conditions.


Even night shift workers who don't have drowsiness problems tend to feel tired if they have to work during the night. The same factors that cause night shift workers to feel drowsy also lead to fatigue. Of course, you are more likely to get injured in an accident if you are tired than if you are fresh and well rested.

Reduced Supervision

Another reason for increased risk of accidents at night is because many night shift workers don't have as much supervision during the night as they get during the day. One reason for this is because night shift work often pays more than day shifts. Supervisors already earn more than the people under them; employers don't want to shoulder the extra burden. Therefore, for businesses that have both night and day operations, the night shift is likely to have less supervision than the day shift. Another reason for reduced supervision at night is because many employers scale down operations at night. It is a fact that insufficient supervision is one of the risk factors for workplace injuries.

Reduced Co-Worker Support

Lastly, day shift workers are able to rely on their coworkers for help and support, but the night shift workers may not enjoy the same privilege. This is because many businesses tend to focus more daytime operations and scale down operations at night. As a result, as a night shift worker, you may find it difficult to get a coworker to ask for help or assistance.

Whether you are injured during the day or night, you deserve to be compensated for your damages as long as you were on the job. Consult a worker's compensation lawyer for advice on how to get this compensation.