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When An Accident Causes Injury To Your Bottom Line

If you have been involved in a motorcycle accident, the most obvious problem is likely your physical injuries. Dealing with even minor injuries can be tough, and it's easy to feel that your entire world has been upended. Unfortunately, your medical issues are only part of the way that an accident can affect you. Before long, the negative effects of the accident will begin to hit you hard in the pocketbook as well. Read on to learn more about how an accident can affect your financial bottom line.

Medical Treatment Expenses

In most cases, the at-fault driver's insurance will cover you for most normal medical expenses related to the accident. Unfortunately, there may be a gap between what you need and what they will cover. For example, having a helicopter take you to the nearest level one trauma center may save your life, but it is extraordinarily expensive. It can cost about $50,000.00 for this service, and it may not be a covered expense. Can you afford to pay the difference? Only a personal injury lawsuit can give you the opportunity to go beyond the meager offerings of insurance carriers.

Lost Wages

Most people rely on earning wages to pay the bills, and few have extra cash stowed away to cover an emergency like an injury that prevents them from working. When your budget is tight, as most people's are, even a small amount of missed work can cause bills to go unpaid. You are entitled to get your lost wages back, and you should be reimbursed for every single moment of work missed. Here is just a partial list of accident-related incidences that could cause you to miss work:

Pain and Suffering

Only a personal injury lawsuit can provide you with money damages for pain and suffering. This area of compensation is based, in part, on the total amount of your medical expenses. This dollar amount is used as part of the calculation to determine how serious your injury is and how it has affected your life. Careful organization of your medical records will be vital to a successful pain and suffering award.

Don't allow a motorcycle wreck to also wreck your finances; seek help from a personal injury attorney as soon as possible and get your budget back on track with a fair and comprehensive settlement from the at-fault driver. Check out websites like to learn more.