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How Long Will A Car Settlement Take?

Being in limbo is never fun, especially when money is on the line. After you get into a car accident, you have to file a claim with the insurance company. It may feel like everything is out of your hands after you file your claim.

In the worst case scenario, you might be knee deep in medical bills and unable to pay them until your settlement comes through. If your injuries are so severe that you're unable to return to work, your situation is especially dire. This inevitably leads to the question, "How long will my car settlement take?"

The answer is, it depends.

Factors That Expedite the Process

If your injuries were clear-cut and well established, your claim can probably be settled in a few months. Likewise when one driver is clearly at fault, as in drunk driving cases. How much you're asking for in the settlement also affects the amount of time it takes to settle your claim. Cases asking for less money will generally be processed more quickly.

Factors That Inhibit the Process

Insurance companies are naturally suspicious of injury claims. If you suffered from soft tissue injury or are using only a chiropractor to support your claims, your insurance company will be especially suspicious, slowing down your case. To keep things moving, establish the objectivity of your injury by substantiating your claims with multiple experts and doctors.

Complex injuries in which it is difficult to establish the cause, the extent of, or party responsible will result in longer wait times for your settlement. It could take up to even two years or never be settled at all. If you're in this predicament, you'll likely need to go to court. You should make sure you have a great car accident attorney in your corner when you're facing the insurance company.

The larger you claim, the more scrutiny it will attract, i.e. the longer it will take for you to receive your settlement. Some insurance companies even have special rules or extensive reviewal processes for large settlements. Bigger insurance companies tend to have more hoops to jump through.

Liability is another issue that affects the length of your settlement. If liability is unclear, and it often is, your settlement will take longer. Even if liability is clear, the responsible party may try to sue the government, claiming the roads were unsafe or signs were not visible. This will certainly tie up your settlement, maybe even for years.

Thankfully, getting the right automobile accident attorney will help the process keep moving along, and your attorney will be sure to keep track of the details and progress of the case during this time.