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Common Causes Of Daycare Injuries

Daycare centers are supposed to be some of the safest places in the country, given that their main job is to take care of kids. Unfortunately, this isn't always possible and kids sometimes get hurt in daycares. Here are some of the common causes of these injuries:

Inadequate Supervision

Children cannot be expected to take care of themselves; they need adult supervision. In fact, this is why children are taken to daycare facilities in the first place. Serious injuries can occur if the adult supervision is wanting or nonexistent. Here are some of the causes of injuries that may stem from inadequate supervision:

Assault by Staffers

In some cases, daycare injuries are caused by the people who are meant to take care of the children and prevent them from getting injured. For example, some daycare staffers have been known to physically assault the young ones under their care in the name of disciplining or spanking the kids. There are also criminal elements that get work in daycare centers and end up sexually abusing the innocent ones. This is one of the reasons everyone who works in a daycare setting should be thoroughly vetted before getting hired.

Malfunctioning Equipment or Infrastructure

It is not surprising that malfunctioning or defective equipment can injure children; even adults get injured due to malfunctioning equipment. For example, a rusty swing may break when a child is swinging on it or a weak chair may collapse under the weight of a child. Such malfunctions are common with outdoor playthings that aren't properly maintained such as swing sets, slides, and rides, among others.

Safety Code Violations

Lastly, daycare injuries may also stem from a blatant or ignorant violation of safety codes. Depending on your jurisdiction, safety codes may include things like the number of supervisors to have, the depth of the swimming pool, the type of toys provided, and the type of electrical outlets used, among other things. Note that there may be both national and local regulations on these issues.

When a daycare center that accepts your child also accepts to be liable for any injuries the child may incur. Therefore, if your child has been injured at a daycare, you can use a personal injury law firm to help you confirm whether you can pursue damages against the center.