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How You Can Benefit From Accident Reconstruction When Pursuing A Car Accident Case

A complicated car accident case is likely to require the input of different expert witnesses. An accident reconstruction expert is one of the expert witnesses you may need to win your case. Here are some of the specific benefits of accident reconstruction:

Helping Relevant Parties Understand a Complex Accident

Some car accidents are relatively straightforward while others can be very complex. The complicated crashes can be very difficult to explain to the judge or jury. For example, an accident involving a drunk driver who runs the red light and hits a pedestrian may not be that difficult to explain. Contrast this with a car accident involving a motorcycle, pedestrian, and a semi truck; explaining such a complicated accident can be difficult without the involvement of an accident reconstruction expert.

Proving or Disapproving Liability Claims

The observations of accident reconstruction experts also come in handy when liability is in dispute and both parties are accusing each other of having caused the accident. This is even more necessary if there are no eyewitnesses or video camera footage that can show exactly how the accident occurred. For example, when two cars collide in a deserted highway at night, the services of accident reconstruction experts may be needed to determine the liable party.

Explaining Why the Accident Was More Severe Than It Should Have Been

Severe accidents, where cars are damaged, crashed or all mangled up, are known for causing very serious injuries or even fatalities. However, there are also cases where relatively minor or moderate accidents end up causing serious injuries that cannot be easily explained. In such cases, you may need an accident reconstruction expert to explain why the accident caused such a serious injury.

Suggesting How the Accident Could Have Been Prevented

Lastly, accident reconstruction experts may also offer their expert opinion on how the accident could have been prevented. This expert opinion can be useful in many ways. For example, if the defendant is claiming that you could have avoided the accident by braking or steering to the right, the accident reconstruction can shed more light, and convince the court, of why such an action couldn't have helped. That way you will not be seen as having contributed to the crash.

Your car accident attorney will discuss with you the different experts you need for your case. Note that these experts will be paid, and their fees form part of the expenses of your case.